December 28, 2012

Illinois Wesleyan University purchases five additional Wilh. Steinberg pianos.

Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, has just purchased an additional 5 Wilh. Steinberg pianos for their School of Music.  The school model IQ16, is one of 3 models Wilh. Steinberg is offering to institutions in the United States to begin establishing their pianos in this market.  Wilh. Steinberg is a leading piano maker in Germany and is well established European institutions. 


Wilh. Steinberg has just recently employed Unique Pianos ( to begin distribution in North America.


Currently, the following 3 models are being offered to institutions in the North American market at wholesale pricing:

            IQ16 (46” Upright)                 AC188 (6’2” Grand)               AC212 (6’11” Grand)


Wilh. Steinberg pianos are considered among the best quality pianos produced in the world today. 


This offer of wholesale pricing, places the cost of these high quality German pianos at or below many pianos of lesser quality.


To audition a Wilh. Steinberg piano, please contact Brian Gatchell at 1-888-725-6633 or

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