July 29, 2013

Brian Gatchell Presented instruction at the National Piano Technicians Guild conference

This past month our very own Brian Gatchell presented instruction at the annual Piano Technicians Guild national conference in Chicago. Piano technicians from all over the world attend the convention every year, and this year was no exception.  Along with Representing Atlantic Music, Brian with Steve Pearson, led a class on the Phoenix bridge agraffe system, and retrofitting it to existing pianos. The Phoenix Agraffe system is a totally new way to Transfer the sound of your piano’s strings into your piano’s soundboard. These little agraffes simply replace your pianos existing hitch pins, and dramatically improves the sound and sustain of your piano to levels never seen before. This is accomplished by relieving downward pressure on the soundboard, and better capturing the energy of the vibrating piano strings. Both the convention and the class were well attended, and informative.         


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