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Atlantic Music Center staff We at Atlantic Music are extremely proud of the pianos we import and distribute. In addition, our experienced, professional technical staff provides concert level preparation, as well as rebuilt pianos meeting the highest standard.

Atlantic Music Center has:

Atlantic Music Center is:

Atlantic Music specializes in the import and distribution of hand-crafted, limited edition, new and pre-owned premium pianos from Europe's most renowned manufacturers. They include Steingraeber, Feurich, Pleyel, Blüthner, Bechstein, and Bösendorfer. These pianos are the highest class of pianos and are among the finest pianos made in the world. They are also the oldest, most well respected piano manufacturers in the world, many of which were established in the early 1800's.

The magnificent quality with which these hand-crafted instruments are manufactured in terms of both materials and workmanship set them in a class of their own and distinguish them from the mass-produced "production" pianos made by today's larger factories. Europe is the birthplace of the piano which celebrated it's 300th anniversary of invention in 2000 and these venerable piano companies pioneered the piano's invention and development.

Painting of a piano concert These were the pianos of the immortals! ...the great classical composers and piano virtuosos personally endorsed, owned and performed on the pianos of Feurich, Steingraeber, Blüthner, Bechstein, Bösendorfer, Steinway... and these companies are bestowed with a pride, heritage, and tradition not often found in today's corporate world.

Atlantic Music Center craftsman at work German pianos are manufactured with the old-world tradition of employing the finest quality hand-craftsmanship and building with the finest woods, felts, and other materials available. This combination of impeccable quality in design, materials and craftsmanship result in superior instruments possessing a beautiful, lush, rich tone producing pianos capable of conveying the deepest emotions and gratifying the performer with unmatched performance.

Our People

Brian Gatchell

Brian and Ginny Gatchell Brian Gatchell, president of Atlantic Music, is a classically trained concert artist. He has performed extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada and has several recordings to his credit. Brian holds a Masters Degree in piano performance and was professor of piano at Heidelberg College for 10 years. Atlantic Music Center was opened in 1990.

Ginny Gatchell, vocalist and frequent performer of musicals, is a graduate of The New York Academy of Theatrical Arts. She has performed the lead in many musicals including: West Side Story, Carousel, The Sound of Music, Guys & Dolls and Brigadoon. Ginny directs our extensive recital and concert programs, bringing major talent to our area.

The pianos that Brian and Ginny have chosen to represent are the world's finest musical instruments.

Keith Frazier

Keith Frazier

Highly respected piano technician Keith Frazier is the supervisor of the Technical Services department for Atlantic Music Center.

Formerly the head of technical services for Baldwin pianos, he has had additional training with German piano manufacturers Steingraeber & Söhne Pianos of Bayreuth and Feurich Pianos of Gunzenhausen. With Mr.Frazier's 30 years of tuning and rebuilding experience you can be assured that warranty assistance and technical aid are both only a phone call away.

Karolyn McDonald, office manager

Karolyn McDonald

Karolyn joined us in 2001. Among her numerous duties is arranging shipping and tunings as well as a liaison with suppliers. She also designs much of our advertising, including brochures and web material.

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